Making the Old Memories Portable

| December 22, 2015

There was once a game that my friends and I loved to play when we were in high school. The game was a PC game that we all could play at the same time using a network connection. We would play for hours, sometimes working together, and other times trying to kill each other. We […]

Looking for a Way to Earn Money

| December 20, 2015

Of course there are not that many jobs which are open to me while I am in school. I worked while I was in High School so that I could buy a car, first at a grocery store and then at a nice restaurant. I did not like either job. Right now I am in […]

How Do You Get People to a Web Site?

| December 20, 2015

It is not something that the boss seems to have thought very much about when he decided to have this guy build him a web page. However when you think about it, there really is not a lot of use for a web page unless you get people to come there and look at what […]

Sending the Kids to Camp

| December 20, 2015

My twin daughters are some of the brightest children that you would ever meet. They’re really smart and know a lot about science. One day they came to me showing me an advertisement about space camp. Space camp existed when I was a kid and I wanted to go, but my parents couldn’t afford to […]

My Friends Became Rich Without Me

| December 20, 2015

I went away to study abroad for a semester and when I came back, all of my friends had become really rich. I thought they had all won the lottery or went gambling in Las Vegas, but it was something a little more simpler than that. My friends had learned how to do affiliate marketing […]