Had to Fix Up the New Plant

Posted By on May 24, 2015

I started to work on getting the shop ready to open up. It was not very pleasant to deal with that situation, because the place I found had been sitting vacant for about a whole year or more. The first thing I had to do was to find some one who did drain cleaning in Bergen county. There was something stopped up and that was causing a really foul odor in the place, but there was nothing to do except get it fixed. The place was really quite nasty to be in at first. I went to this Home Depot and got a bunch of big fans, the type that can really move a lot of air. I set these up so that there was a really good flow of air through the building. It still took a couple of days for that smell to go away. Of course it was a big deal to get the flow going to the right way, because when it was all stopped up you obviously had some real issues with sanitation.

I am not sure that it was dangerous to start with, but the fumes were so bad in that place that it was really pretty hard to breathe much. At any rate you had to start on cleaning the floors next. I hired a half dozen temp guys to help me out, but of course half of them just wanted to screw off and so I got rid of them and just kept the ones who wanted to work. Those other guys can go find some other dude to take advantage of, because I did not have time for that business, We are going to try to get things done here by the end of the month and that is going to require a lot of work.

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