Two Glass Accidents in a Month

Posted By on September 6, 2015

Due to an accident, the glass door in my shower was broken. It was an unexpected accident, but it still happened, and with the door broken, I couldn’t shower in that bathroom without all of the water getting all over the floor. I had to put up a temporary shower curtain. I contacted a local glass installer in Brooklyn that I found out about from a friend who frequently has broken windows. I’m not sure how one person can break windows so often, but then again, I’m not sure how a person can break a shower door.

The glass installer measured the dimensions of my shower door to get an idea of how much glass he would need to install. He used the measurement to cut glass and then he removed the remaining old glass form the door. Then he installed the new glass and the door was fully repaired in a couple of hours. The repair job took a lot less time than I figured it would. I took down the replacement curtain and took a fresh shower with my new glass door. It felt so good not having to worry about the curtain falling down.

I thought my glass troubles were over, but a few weeks after the shower door incident, I broke a window in my den while I was outside doing some yard work. I had to put some plastic wrap over the door to prevent all kinds of bugs and wild animals from coming inside. I called the company once again and told them about my problem. They took measurements again, and put in a new piece of glass. I thought they would have needed to install a brand new window, but they had a technique of removing only the broken glass and sliding a new one in its place.

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