Getting Rid of Those Pesky Geese

Posted By on November 4, 2015

You wouldn’t think it but having too many birds in one area can present a serious health problem, not to mention becoming a general nuisance to the neighborhood. I’m as much of an animal lover as the next person but when you have a flock of geese who’ve decided to turn your neighborhood into their own home, they can quickly become more annoying than their cuteness. You’ll find yourself in your yard with dozens of them scattered about refusing to move out of your way as they feed. Bird control in NJ is important and is a responsibility that falls to the property owners.

There are plenty of bird control services available in New Jersey that can help out property owners get rid of these unwanted, if cute, pests. It’s certainly a challenge to get rid of them. They seem harmless enough on their own but when you have a whole flock of them they can become a danger to children and the elderly. I’ve watched more than one goose attack a child; they’re heavy birds and that weight on top of a child can cause serious damage. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. I know your children will want to play with them or feed them but you must avoid this at all costs.

They’re territorial creatures who are entirely capable of carrying diseases like avian flu. They can turn your yard from a beautiful green lot to a muddy, fecal covered plot that’s not only ugly to look at but also unhealthy. Do you want to have your card covered in the fecal matter of these birds? Imagining going out in the morning to fetch the paper only to step in a pile of goose poop with your bare feet? That would be enough of a reason for me to get rid of them!

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