My Friends Became Rich Without Me

Posted By on December 20, 2015

I went away to study abroad for a semester and when I came back, all of my friends had become really rich. I thought they had all won the lottery or went gambling in Las Vegas, but it was something a little more simpler than that. My friends had learned how to do affiliate marketing from Ewen Chia and used it to generate money with their own websites. While I was sitting in a foreign country trying to learn about a different culture, my friends were pocketing lots of money and were living like kings in their own country.

I wanted in on the action too, so I told my friends to show me how they started making money. They gave me a crash course on what to do with affiliate marketing and I set up my own website. I figured that my friends had taken all of the customers away and I would be in direction competition with them, but that wasn’t the case. There was more than enough money to go around for all of us, and I was able to pad my bank account with quite a bit of money. I went home to my parents house with a new leather jacket on and they thought I had been doing something shady to get the money to pay for it.

When I explained to my parents how I made the money, they were a little skeptical and thought I was making it up, so I showed them my website and helped them create their own website. A few weeks after that, I went back home again, and my parents were walking around in their own leather jackets. Everyone is a little fearful of how the money comes in at first, but once they get a taste of it, all of those fears go away.

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