Looking for a Way to Earn Money

Posted By on December 20, 2015

Of course there are not that many jobs which are open to me while I am in school. I worked while I was in High School so that I could buy a car, first at a grocery store and then at a nice restaurant. I did not like either job. Right now I am in college and working at a convenience store a few blocks from campus. I have been trying to figure out better ways to earn money and I got to thinking about Internet Marketing lately. This guy named Ewen Chia gave me the idea after I chanced upon something where he was hyping up himself as a guy who could help you make millions selling stuff on the web. It was not really convincing to be honest, or at least I am way too cynical to take the stuff he was saying at face value. I just assume that you can not believe all of the stuff that you see on the web. It is obviously one of the few things that I might be able to do while I was at school however. In theory you could do this sort of thing on your spare time really easily. I am guessing that if you are any good at it, then you are going to be able to earn a good bit of money. It is obviously a lot more money than you can make working the sort of part time jobs that I am going to be able to do while I am a full time student. The real issue is being able to sell yourself. Obviously I could make a lot of big claims, but it is doubtful that anyone would believe me when I have no references to vouch for me. That is what it seems like you really need.

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