Making the Old Memories Portable

Posted By on December 22, 2015

There was once a game that my friends and I loved to play when we were in high school. The game was a PC game that we all could play at the same time using a network connection. We would play for hours, sometimes working together, and other times trying to kill each other. We thought it would be a good idea if we could play that game on our phones. Unfortunately, the company that made that game shut down many years ago. We asked a mobile apps developer in Singapore if he could help us turn the game into a mobile game.

Before the company that made the game had dissolved, they decided to put the source code for that game online for everyone to see. The source code allows anyone to have access to all of the data that makes up the game and alter it any way that they see fit. They can also use that code to reverse engineer the game into any programming language that they can think of, as long as they have the patience to write all of the lines of code out. That’s where the developer came into play, as they had the patience for that.

The developer was able to create the game from the source code after a couple of months. Legally, no one could sell the game for a profit, but we could share it with as many people as we wanted, which was the intended idea, because the game is best played with a lot of people. Having multiple players at once creates a challenge, as all of the players try to topple each other to be the best. What’s even better is that we can all play it whenever we want, without being stuck indoors in front of a computer screen.

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