I Find the Process of Moving to Be a Lot of Fun

Posted By on May 21, 2016

I love to move. Some people do not like to do it, but I love every single bit of it from beginning to end. So, when I decided that I needed to move last month, I found myself feeling excited right away. Looking for a Lewisville apartment turned out to be so much fun. I do not think I would ever be happy with living in the same place for many decades.

I always start out the process by looking for a new place and getting it rented by me first. I usually start out on a Saturday morning, stop buy to get a cup of coffee to go, and then I start driving around to different complexes that have an opening for a new renter. I love getting to go inside each unit to see what it looks like. I am always so full of anticipation until they open the unit door and I get that first peek inside. It is so fun to imagine whether my belongings would look nice in the place, or to figure out whether all the amenities that I need are available.

After I put in a contract and I am accepted at whatever place I choose, I then get to work with packing things at home. This is the part that some people do not like, but I look forward to it. It forces me to go through all my belongings and to get rid of things that I do not need anymore. And even though I do this every time I move, it never stops amazing me how I end up finding tings that I forget that I even own. A shirt, a pair of shoes or a gift. It’s like Christmas day when I find something hidden under the bed or couch!

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