Getting the Place Ready for the Summer

Posted By on May 25, 2016

We bought this place last fall, fully aware that it was going to need some work in order for it to be comfortable and affordable to live in. Obviously the first priority was to get it ready for a New York winter, so we got the heat working and added some much needed insulation. Now the summer is coming on us rapidly and it is time for us to get ready for it. We need to find some way to get reliable AC repair in NYC right now, because obviously it is going to start getting hot very soon. So far we have not had a really warm spring. In fact it has been quite cool on several nights. We have a couple of fans and so far there has not been any heat which is past what a fan will take care of. Obviously a fan is only good for one place or at least one area, but that is fine with me since you do not pay so much to run a fan and it is usually just the two of us here.

You definitely need air conditioning when the real heat wave starts. I read that over in India they hit 134 degrees the other day, I am not sure that air conditioning is going to do you that much good if it ever got that hot, however it is going to be good enough for the sort of heat that we have in New York City. In fact the asphalt all around you reflects the sunlight and so they have what is call urban heat islands, where it is going to be a lot hotter than it would be if you were out in the country. All of that shade is definitely a good thing when it is a hundred degrees.

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