A Truck Hit My Mom’s Tree

Posted By on September 16, 2016

Before any of my brothers or sisters were even born, our parents planted a few trees along the driveway to the house they had just bought. We watched those trees grow from small trees to majestic ones. It took dozens of years for them to reach their full maturity, and those trees just really mean a lot to our entire family. That is why it was with a heavy heart that my mom asked me if I would find a company that does tree removal in Long Island. As soon as she asked me, I knew it had something to do with the trees lining the driveway just from the tone of her voice.

I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that one of the trees had been hit by a large truck delivering some furniture to their house, and she was worried that it was not safe any longer. Though the trees are definitely sentimental for our entire family, nothing comes before safety for any of us so I started looking for a reputable tree company as soon as we hung up. I did not tell my mom this, but I was looking for a company that would tell us if the tree could be saved rather than one that would just come out and cut it down.

I was able to find a good company thanks to some reviews that other people in town had left on a local website, and I was happy that they could come out sooner rather than later. The really good news is that they told my mom the tree was slightly damaged but strong enough to not need to come down. They did suggest that she have them all trimmed though so they would be even healthier, so that is what they did instead of cutting down one of her most favorite trees. They do all look so much nicer now too!

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