Even My Mom Can Create Pay Stubs

Posted By on September 28, 2016

I had heard about a fake online check stub generator but I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to use. The reason I was even looking for one was because my parents needed a lot of work done on their house. Since they wanted to keep immaculate records of all the work done, they asked me to find them a program that would help them print check stubs for the contractors that they hire. Even though the contractors would have their own detailed bill listing everything that they did, my parents wanted to have their own detailed descriptions on the check stub that they give to the workers.

I can understand in a way why they would want this because of a former arrangement that had turned out badly for them because they had only an oral agreement. They wanted to cover all of their bases this time, and they also wanted it to look as professional as possible so there could be no disagreements over what was done. I went online and just did a search for a fake check stub generator, and I was able to find exactly what would help them the best.

This generator is very easy to use. I thought that I would end up having to do it for them, but it is so easy that even someone with limited technological ability will be able to handle creating one of the fake stubs. When I showed my mom how easy it was to use, she was nervous at first because she rarely uses the computer for anything other than games of solitaire and checking her email. She felt confident though after I showed her how easy it is to create the check stubs, and I think they are going to use this every time they need to write out a check for a contractor now.

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