Building an Outdoor Space for Family and Friends to Get Together

Posted By on March 3, 2017

We were just going to build a fire pit in our back yard out of landscaping blocks. Then we thought about how sitting around it all the time would kill the grass, so we decided to put in a concrete patio. We did not just want plain gray looking concrete, so we decided to get the pressed and colored concrete that looks like stone but has no joints for weeds to pop up in. We found a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY that does decorative concrete patios, walkways and driveways to come out and give us an estimate.

While we were talking about making our outdoor living space, we asked about making our sidewalk and driveway to match our new patio that was going in. We figured if we were going to make renovations that we should do it right. Once the job got started the company worked fast. It was no time and we were out back barbecuing on our new patio and enjoying the fire pit at night. It became a focal spot for summer outdoors in the evenings. Our neighbors, friends and family would visit to enjoy some time in our back yard all summer long.

When winter came, we still kept up our regular fire pit time. It was like an irresistible campfire without having to go camping. When it got too cold to spend time outdoors, we missed it. We could hardly wait for spring to come again so we could get back to enjoying our patio and fire pit. Over time we put in an outdoor kitchen that included a fancy barbecue grill connected to natural gas. Now the neighbors show up when they smell burgers, steaks or brats cooking. We even have friends and neighbors bring us wood for the fire pit. We like it that our house is a hub for friends and family time.

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