My Thoughts on Holiday Shopping This Year

Posted By on September 30, 2017

We actually were able to save some money this year to make the holiday gift-giving season a little different. First, we will not have to use credit cards. That is great as far as interest is concerned. Also, we will be able to get everyone exactly what they really want. However, we are still deal shopping. I am definitely going to be waiting to see the Cyber Monday TV sales that will be offered. I used to be leery about having a television shipped to our home, but they do survive the container ships and the trucks to the retail stores. There is no reason why a common carrier cannot get our TVs and electronics to us in working condition. Plus, if your have ever unpacked a TV, you know they are surrounded by stuff to protect them in transit.

We took a chance for a TV we bought for a relative last year, and it turned out fine. We had the TV shipped right to her home. It was not something she opened on the holiday morning, but she was still very pleased to receive it as a holiday gift from us. There are places where you can even order cars online now and have them delivered, and the super online retailer will even deliver fresh food to you now. Soon, they might be doing it with drones! This brings a whole new meaning to Cyber Monday TV sales for me. Think about it. The guy who is fabled to deliver presents by sliding down our chimney might soon be an actual drone that drops off whatever you buy within minutes after your purchase.

Anyway, I digress. I am happy that we have the cash year this year to buy presents that people actually want instead of getting some so-called gourmet kit with a cutting board, mystery meat and old cheese to wrap up and pass off as presents. I’ve always wondered if those food gifts that did not sell from last year are dragged back out the next year.

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