The Smart Reasons for Getting a Home Security System

Posted By on March 9, 2018

We did not get an alarm system because we were afraid. We did not sign up for monitored home security because a neighbor got burglarized or because there were a rash of home invasions in our area. We just got ADT for Kansas City because it is the logical thing to do. One of the main reasons we got our home security system is for the monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If they are tripped, live agents are notified who then will call to send the appropriate help. This goes for the burglar alarm part of our home security system too.

The second reason we got a home security system is because we are not always home. There is nothing we can do to call out the fire department or the police if we are miles away at work or school. Also, this is important for when we go on summer vacation. There is always the chance of something happening while you are gone, and even your neighbor who is helping to keep an eye on your place is not going to be there in your home around the clock. To us, it is like the closest thing to having a real person awake and watching all the time. Monitored home security is so affordable for homes nowadays that it should be on the must-have list of things for every home owner and apartment dweller.

I could see them being a luxury item if they cost more than they do. You can get a basic system to protect your home or apartment for less than what it would cost to take your family out for a fun evening. Plus, monitoring every month is cheaper than you are likely paying for coffee you buy in the mornings on your way to work.

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