I Met with the Boss Today

Posted By on April 2, 2018

In fact the boss was just back from lunch and you could tell that he had a little bit of a buzz. Some days he comes back from lunch late in the afternoon and it is really obvious that he has had three or four stiff drinks in the interim. He was talking about social media and he asked me if I knew how to buy instagram followers. I looked down and searched for that on my phone, so I found out that this could be done. I just nodded, but I told him that I would look into it. The guy I report to came to me the next day and asked me what the boss had wanted. I told him and he asked me if he was serious or not. I shrugged and said that I probably had to do it either way. Obviously I am going to do what the boss tells me to do, although in this case it is not really that cut and dry.

After all he asked me a question and then I sort of told him that I would figure out if I could or not. So in essence I am going to find out what can be done and what I should recommend that we should do. The reason why he wants to do it is the important thing, obviously he wants to do better marketing on social media. That is a tricky thing to do, since it is really easy to get a backlash when you try to do clever things. I assume that the way to really get more followers would be rather simple. You would simply find some way to make it worth their time and effort. A contest was what I was thinking would really work, one with awesome prizes would work best.

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